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If you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or beading books and supplies to aid you in your developing bead passion, you've come to the right place! Use the menu on your left or the thumbnails above to find information about workshops and slide shows, to order books or hard-to-find beading supplies, to see some of my beaded creations, to explore links to some wonderful bead-related websites, and to contact me. Since many of my students enjoy hearing about how I got started beading and tales of bead adventures along the way, I've also included some of these stories for you.

As you can read in my first book, One Bead at a Time, whether you do beadwork just for fun, as an exploration of your creativity, or with the added incentive of healing an old wound or finding a path through a life change - whatever your motivation - I believe you will always be glad for the time you give to your beadwork. As for me, beading is forever compelling, exciting, challenging, and meditative - a meaningful process that is never boring.