Snake Pen by Paul Duclos

An early example of Pauls Snake pen. It was designed by his son Marcel and was made in black hard rubber with solid silver parts. The filler, which was of Pauls design, was also sterling silver and will be seen only on his fountain pens.

The pen shown here has an ebony body and is one of the only pens to have a wood body. It's the fourth pen he made and is numbered on the end of the cap. Paul had a studio in my antique store in the 1990's and this is where he began making the snake pen. I had the privilage of doing some of the simple tasks and seeing the process of casting and machining that went into penmaking. The ebony wood pen was made for me, and I turned out the rough ebony blank to be finished by paul on his jewlers lathe. I still own it and hesitated before I polished it, It had a dark grey patina from setting for many years.

Early Snake Pen in Lignum Vitae Wood

This pen was made in Lignum Vitae which is known for it's durability. It has an oily feel was used for boat  bearings in the old days. The eyes have small emeralds added. The pen was not numbered because it was his personal pen, but it was made at the same time as the ebony one, and is the only other wood body pen as far as I know.

I will write more about Paul as I get time. He was a good friend and compadre and is in my thoughts as  I remember sitting by the old pot belly stove in the back of the shop and the good times picking antiques and old fountain pens at estate sales and flea markets.

signing off for now...G:

Wahl Eversharp pen & pencil in original box

Wahl Eversharp Fifth Avenue

Original designed in the 1940's, the 64 was added for the 64 dollar TV show which ran from 1955 to 1958. The caps on the pen and pencil are made of solid 14K gold.

Some vintage fountain pens ca 1920's to early 1930's

Parker Duofold  Senior in Jade Green

Parker duofold Senior in marblized pearl

Scheaffers Senior in Jade Green

Parker Duofold Senior in brick red

Unusual oversize Eclipse  in light green marble

Eclipse in manderin yellow and green

Ordinary state of matter

Click on picture for microscopic view

Space Frame

Art & Politics

James is definitely not identifiable in main stream art, if there is such a thing, but has found a niche that isn't part of a known ism. He is right out here on the "INNERTUBES" with some far out stuff that reflects the paradox of living  in the here and now. 

Here is a moving image of the Neoconservatives that inhabited the Bu$h administration,  that are still around as permanent members of the shadow government. Among the horrible things that they are noted for, imho, is the ability to parrot the same message, over and over, in Orwellian fashion .