Bob and Dorothy Banzhaf in the Middle East ca 1964

WecWsWay, Nov. 4, 1964 2-$jntaCncSrntUtrI Beauty Queen Helps King's Celebrate ?;taHnitraitfHMUuiuuiuaiu.iiuiiinumMiitiiHtiniiiiitHiitniiiiiifiiiitnuiiinnra tnui uuinMiiHTwuiimmgnfj Win At Bridge Bid Nets A Better Score ream tric ks for down one but he tried to make his contract by means of the diamond finesse. That lost and he was down three. The bidding .started the same By Oswald Jacnhy Newspaper Enterprise Association One of the surprises of the World Bridge Olympiad oc- 'NORTH (D) 4 AQ V KQ 10964 A754 A9 WEST EAST A K 1063 A A J 8 4 V J82 75 10 98 K62 Q103 K872 SOUTH A 97 52 V A3 QJ3 J654 East and West vulnerable North East South Wrt 1 V Pass 1 N.T. Pass 3 V Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A 3 way at tne omcr tame nut van curred when the team from the Di,n Kn(e of (hp Netherlands Netherlands Antilles won its II II ,.. I HIII'HI u .1 Iv - . t. , "iii j iT, " !V - - ."KM versation with the UN man back at the hotel and phoned the authorities. Thereafter, when Banzhaf met Antilles raised his partner to four hearts instead of trying three no-trump. North had no trouble making four hearts because all he had to lose was one trick in each side suit. It is very easy to look at 52 cards and criticize, but the four-heart bid was definitely superior to three no-trump. Ace and one trump are pretty good support after partner has made a jump rebid in his suit and although South did have four hpades, they were all small ones. American friends to dine at the hotel, he introduced the agent lounging nearby: "AND THIS IS match against the United States. This represented quite an upset, because the United States finished second and the Netherlands Antilles were outside the first 15, but in this match the United States team was off. The bidding in the box is that of the United States' North South pair. Three no-trump fared very badly. The defense started by cashing four spades while dummy discarded a club and two diamonds. A club lead knocked out dummy's ace and it was up to South to take over. OUR SYRIAN SPY!" The man was soon transferred. Banzhaf iniitially went over seas to fly ror tidewater oil company. He flew a nine place Pipeline Pilot Talked with a nice couple recently who have been warned never to go back to Syria. Under any circumstances! They live near Mount Hermon now, but for the past seven years Robert Banzhaf has been flying for oil companies in Turkey, Italy and Syria. Flew equipment and passengers around the desert sort of an oilman's taxi driver. During 1961-62 they worked in and around Syria for an Italian oil firm financed by NATO, checking pipelines by air. "The Italian engineer who was directing my flight along a pipeline one time took a lot of photos and was specially interested in a sidelight near a desert air base which he photographed. "That air base turned out to be something the Syrians wanted to keep a secret because it was built for Russian jet bombers. "The Syrians apparently found out about our trip because I DeHavilland Beaver out of An kara into the desert. Desert flying is not for the Q The bidding has been: North East South West 1 14 2 Pass Pass 2 4 Pass Past Dble Pass T You, South, hold:-486 VKJ75 4KJ75 4932 What do you do? A Pass. You have two trumps, only three clubs and both red k In rs-jacks. You expect to set two spades, TODAY'S CTSTIONT You pass as does West. What do you lead against two spades doubled? Answer Tomorrow birds. "A sand storm can take He could have cashed eight Plagued Day And Night with Bladder Discomfort? Unwise uttinif r .lrlnkm m h Bouireuf m.l.l. Iiut aiini.yinif b a.l.lrr Irrl-t,in-t.,HkinK ymi f'"' rmtirm. UnM. .! uncnrnfurtuhl.-. Ami if r-Mh. niithU. with rmttKinK liuiK'n. hmilarht or rrnin- k I.- .,! i,Hiii8iliietcciver-xrti(n, I the paint off your wings at 11,000 feet," he said. During a high wind storm he once crashed his plane on landing, completely wrecking it; his only "injury" was an earful of gas. The natives dismantled the plane piece by piece, made pots and pans of the metal and the Banzhafs later spotted them in the market place, and in fact, bought a funnel made of a piece of the plane. Metal is apparently scarce. young employe of the market at 41st avenue and Capitola road, took the opportunity to record the regal occasion of the beauty queen visiting King's. Sherri Lee Raap, Miss California, was on Tiand Saturday to help King's market celebrate its first anniversary in Santa Cruz. Robert Gong, a TRAVEL Take a Long Distance telephone visit every so often to tuends or relatives tar away. Keeps you up on all the news. Keeps them thinking about you. Because nothing says YOU like your voice. (i) Pacific Telephone Reminder: To complete your calls more quickly, dial them direct. ti'Hin or .moli-riHl upm-l, ; rf:li",to your misery-don't wail-try "on I lll. l,mn' I'ilU n.'t H ways for apwly r-ij,,f i 'l'liey have a soothing effect on ,lH,i.ler imtulioro.. ii-A Jt pain-rellev-jn a.lion on naKKinu liaikache. heart-n. hpi. niimcular a-hr and pami. 1 - A wonderfully mild diuretic artion thru the kidney, tending to mi-mme the output or the 1ft mik'H of kidney tuhen. So, get th name happy relief million, havt enjoyei! fr over 60 yearn. r"r convenience, bu the large ie. Get Doan'. I'ilU todayl TOVVNSEND MEETING The Townsend district council will meet Sunday at Hackley Hall, 513 Center street. A cafeteria luncheon will follow church services at the hall. The affair is open to the public. was made the American goat, and in January while in Turkey I got a telegram from the American government warning me Folk Singer Bob Dylan To Perform In San Jose not to set foot in Syria again under and circumstances." Spying in the Middle East al Santa CncStnlintl (ESTABLISHED 1856) Published Sunoay morning and every afternoon except Saturday and certain holidays by the Santa Cruz Sentinel Publishers, Inc., at 125 Church street, Santa Cruz, California. Phone 423-4242 Fred McPherson Jr. President and Publisher Second class postage paid at the post office at Santa Cruz, California. Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use of or republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reserves the right to revise, or reiect, at its option, any advertisement offered for publication. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Mail or Carrier One Year in Advance . 15.00 One Month $1.50 Six Months in Advance 7.50 V most reaches a national sport status. All those little countries are fanatically interested in end in the past two years. Many of Baez's best-known songs were written by Dylan. Tickets are on sale at Wendell Watkins boxoffice, at Sherman Clay, 89 South First street, San Jose. Banzhaf said that they could get more money from an empty beer can than it cost originally full. They found the Turkish people delightful. Wife Dorothy, a veteran pilot herself, became a friend of the late Kemal Ata-turk's (first president of Turkey) daughter, Madam Sabina Gokcen, a flying major in the Turkey airforce reserves. Good people to be friendly with. "They claim," said Banzhaf, "that in a war, a wounded Turk will take 10 of the enemy before he hits the dirt. They are brutal people, but if they each other's secret affairs. During the revolution attempt ing to split with the Arab Re Thursday, Friday, Saturday Specials BAKED FRESH DAILY Try These Today! public, Banzhaf was preparing to take his company s plane out of Damascus. A UPI correspondent at his Folk singer Bob Dylan will give a single performance at the San Jose Civic auditorium at 8:30 p.m. November 25. Dylan, who sings and plays in a rough-edged, even raucous, style, is considered a major figure in present day folk music for the intensity of his performance and the "protest" content of the songs he writes. His best-known composition, of course, is "Blowin' in the Wind." Dylan plays steel string guitar in a style derived from past folk, country and mountain-style performers, and doubles on harmonica for some songs. The musical affinity of Dylan and Joan Bacz has become leg hotel asked him to take some AMBULANCE CONFERENCE Paul Shirley, manager of Santa Cruz Ambulance Service, is attending the nationwide Ambulance Association of America conference this week at Dell Webb Oceanhouse, San Diego. Included in the conference, which winds up Friday, will be discussions of new equipment and methods of the ambulance business and displays of 1965 model ambulances. 1IATSUX SALES & SERVICE copy out and he agreed, but when he arrived at the airport, the government grounded his plane. But the news copy was transferred to an English pilot in the airport men's room and was flown out. Banzhaf was told by a friend that a Syrian agent had overheard the con- WHITE CAKE SQUAHE J the compact Pickup that do a full size job economically. DEWEY EASTMAN i i 423-5820 J 521 Front St MARSHMALLOW, STRAWBERRY, FUDGE ICING SpCCUll Regular Price 72c AAKAAMMfWWlAAAAMAAAAAAAAA -! BATISTA "DODIE" STAGNARO are your friends you can depend on them. Their word is always good." Last January the Banzhafs took an apartment in Ankara next door to the Greek embassy, during the trouble on Cyprus. "It was the talk of the hour," he said. "We could usually tell how things were going for the Greeks by observing the ambassador walking to work. Sometimes he smiled and sometimes he frowned. "I'll have to hand it to the Turks, though. There were police completely surrounding the embassy, protecting it from the Turkish mobs. They are to be commended." Ik-Wife Dorothy came home with CAKE DONUTS FARMER ROLLS JUL A menca Regular 39c Doz. SPECIAL Whole Wheat Glazed-Reg. 72c SPECIAL fin lama! s$rrivecercL jQtalla.... mveaerci, Malio J. Stagnaro, President By Estrella Stagnaro Center of Municipal Wharf Santa Cruz Beach SATURDAY DMA ! By Estrella Stagnaro something to crow about. She took a side trip to Russia and on the way back was invited up to be a guest co-pilot of the four engine Russian Illyushin una SCXDH U Doc 18. Only American woman ever to oOo GILDA STAGNARO is a big help to avid camera fans with her excellent suggestions for pictures. Among the many tips are: Sunset from the wharf a most beautiful and awe inspiring scene the numerous activities of those engaged in the fishing industry such as the attractive display varieties of fly one, they told her. HOURS: 9 TO 6 DAILY (CLOSED SUNDAY) PARKING IN REAR OF STORE That's pretty good, I think. POLICE COURSE Ronald Taylor, a member of the Capitola police department, is currently attending a six-week police science course at the Gav-ilan college police academy. fish from all parts of the world at C. Stagnaro Fishing Corp.. center, wharf, and along the fine markets on the wharf; sea lions swimming gracefully around the ' A v( ; Hollister. Taylor is living on campus while attending the ses 12l SOH I L AVEMJK .2(-27IO BETWEEN EBERT'S AND SAFEWAY wharf seeking food Seagulls and Pelicans squabbling over a sions which are sponsored by the California State Peace Officers association. bit of fish and diving for un wary fish. IT IS A MARVELOUS SIGHT to watch the pelicans hover a spot, then fold their wings and NjTi) . dive, hitting with a splash. In second they bob to the surface gulping their catch. oOo BOATING THE YEAR 'ROUND SPORT . . . Boating is . . . Batista "Dodie" Stagnaro, Santa Cruz, Calif., Captain and L to R Mrs. a sport tor me wnoie iamuy. Santa Cruz Bay is one of the 8 Andrea Zolezzi, Riva Trigoso, Genoa, Italy Oct. 27, 1964 most exciting bodies of water WELCOME HOME, "DODIE" . . . after your extensive vacation in EUROPE. For a sport the family can enjoy vear-round . . . one which will pay rich dividends in education and health and recreation for the whole family ... a sport !x I IF one can enjoy at any age if I ij & r j i Jkanh Jo I 04 f y '. sJ f nt th limt.tntrf y tni Itltntt you gj V : Vj 1, havt third with M ' 1 t & ?A ' ' '- li Moktek.vBaV A ,J , ?V Gisl Scout Council T "'" C' 3 f fit $ ' I H mm " V '" X i 'A HAVEN-LY AND HEAVENLY THOUGHTS . . . THE FINE SANTA CRUZ SMALL CRAFT 1 1 HARBOR! oOo THIS IS CIOPPINO SEASON . . . pronounced Chee-o-pino, and to the uninitiated let it be said that Cioppino causes the taste buds to blossom happily For this gastronomical delight C. Stagnaro Fishing Corp., and other fine markets on the wharf and Santa Cruz, has fresh fish GREAT! GREAT! GREAT UNCLE . . . COMMAN-DANTE TOMASO ANDREA ZOLEZZI, "MAXU", who is pictured above with "Dodie", before his departure to America on the beautiful and luxuriant Liner. "S. S. CRIS-TOFORO COLUMBO, Oct. 27th, 1964, Genoa, Italy, is a Great, Great, Great Uncle to the fifth generation in America of the Malio J. Stagnaro and the Cottardo Stagnaro Familv. Santa Cruz. COMMANDANT E TOMASO ANDREA ZOLEZZI (LOVINGLY KNOWN AS "MAXU"), is no stranger to many in America and other parts of the world, who has sailed in the most beautiful harbor on board Liners: as Captain "Maxu" was the Captain of the Port of Genoa, for over fifty years, piloting Liners along with five tug boats, safely to their berths in the harbor of Genoa. He has been retired the past seventeen years, and is eighty-nine years old, as of November 27th, having been born in 1876. This makes "Maxu" one of the, if not THE oldest living DOCK MASTER in the world today. "Maxu" was the brother of the loving Mrs. Cottardo "Peter" Stagnaro I, mother of the late Cottardo Stagnaro and Malio J. Stag naro of Santa Cruz, since 1874. having settled on Bay and Laguna Streets, where thp family site still remains. TIM ONE I)' ORO . . . GOLD RUDDER! AN COR A D' ORO . . . GOLD ANCHOR! Com-mandante Tomaso Andrea Zolezzi "Maxu", received the "Timone D' Oro' in 1960 along with other great Captains of Riva Trigoso, Italy: Commandante Antonio Lena "Parix" Ancora D' Oro: and Nostrnmo Giobatta Tasso "Budwin", Ancora D' Oro. CAPTAIN ZOLEZZI is a self taught navigator, since a tot-in' tot! ITALY'S GREAT HONOR to Navigators, is the presentation of the "Timone D' Oro" or the Ancora D' Oro, in recognition as great navigators, as to the sacrifices and "SEMPRE PRONTO" (Always Ready) for any calls at sea. in time of TEACH AND WAR. During World War II, outstanding services were rendered with the Allies in Italy. "AMERICANO" . . . a most beautiful word! THE ECSTACY . . . THE AGONY- Since the sailing of "Cottardo Peter Stagnaro I" to America in 1874, from Genoa, Italy, it is the first time that a member of the Malio J. Stagnaro and Cottardo Stagnaro Family, sailed into the port of Genoa, Italy. It was sad for "Uncle Maxu" that he could not pilot the beautiful Italian Liners with "Dodie" sailing into Italy on the "Leonardo Da Vinci" and sailing to America on the "Cristoforo Colombo," but with love, he and all relations and friends, saw him leave for America in Riva Trigoso, Italy, on the beautiful Italian Riviera, LEVANTE . . . (The Coast Of The Rising Sun.) Before "Dodie's" departure to America. Malio J. Stagnaro and The Cottardo Stagnaro Family from Santa Cruz, California, placed an overseas telephone call, via the Pacific Telephone, giving "Uncle "Maxu" his first thrill in speaking to America, from our forefathers and mothers, home town, Riva Trigoso, Genoa, Italv! PRONTO (READY) AMERICA. A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS . . . Glowing with color of the American Flag, red, white and blue, for which it stands, the latest hook on immigrants in the development of America by John F. Kennedy . . . with love and hope . . . "And That The Glow From That Fire Can Truly Light The World." SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL Nov. 4th, 1964 Santa Cruz, Califronia. sandabs, black cod, sole, sea-bass, cockle-neck clams, fresh frozen crab, and soon fresh crabs, and prawns. ONE NEEDS A BIB TO EAT CIOPPINO, but HWyiVirT f r---f vv i-rr rnrp'trTii V..' 'A ;' . :' Ii i 4 I ' jj I it's worth it. oOo CIAO ... (So Long) . . . See you in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sundav. November 8th! THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COM To our community we say thank you so much. Thank you to all the people and organizations who have helped Girl Scouting this year. Because of you more Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors are able to share the fun, learning and adventure of Girl Scouting 52 weeks a year. Because of you they are going hiking and camping. They are taking trips doing art projects practicing homemaking. Because of you, they are learning the meaning of democracy-of loyalty-of friendship. Because of you, they are learning about our community and how to serve it. Girl Scouts are calling this "appreciation week" to thank you all for everything. PANY ALWAYS . . . Malio .1 Stagnaro and the Cottardo Stag 4 1 I if-- , ! if- '' 1 ' vrr ) : ii naro Family welcome you al i ways at the "BIG C center of ?! . 1 ...I r rt the wharf at Santa Cruz SPORT FISHING DAILY TRIPS PREME SEAFOODS SU AND THE C. STAGNARO'S SPORT FISH - ,,1' . 1 ERS' COFFEE SHOP! Call in person or phone by dialing Santa Cruz 42.1 2020. oOo I WWWWWVVWUVWVVVWVVVUVWWWVWVVWWWVVVVUVVUWVVVWWIVVVUUVVVVUVVUVUVVWVVWUUVWV